Hearing is Believing?

In Good Grammer: Them's the Rules on August 2, 2014 at 10:47 pm

"I have no inclination what he meant,"
said a local politician on my car radio, critiquing a rival politician's recent speech.
I had no inclination, either. What I had was an inkling.

Look these two words up in a good dictionary, if you want to check the differences in their meanings.
Right now, I'm not really concerned about their meanings. I'm just pointing out the similarity of sound between these two words, "inclination" and "inkling."

My guess is that the politician, like many Americans today, was not much of a reader.He had only heard these words, either in casual conversation or on electric media. Going only by verbal context, he didn't know their spellings or true meanings.

Nor did he care, probably...Most of his audience didn't know or care, either.

What worries me is this: Someday some duly elected fool like this may be signing-on to laws and treaties he (or she)never read.   Wait a minute...Is that day here already?



Well-done! Three cheers from your old colleague,
-Claude Hopper

-Thanks, Claude. BTW-Where's that twenty bucks you owe me?





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