Poets’ Corner

Alcohoic Authorhood

Since bygone days of yore,
Noted authors by the score
Have sought inspiration in
Mead and cider, wine and gin,
Beer, brandy, or champagne.

Feeling very little pain,
William Makepeace Thackeray
Often nursed a dacqueri.
James Joyce stuck with Irish whiskey,
Vowing cocktails were too risky,
As did poet Stephen Spender
When he took off on a bender
William Faulkner tipped a jug
To top-off his coffee mug
And began his day
Just like Earnest Hemingway.

Lesser writers too
(Meaning me, my friends, not you)
Still attempt to emulate
Those old masters’ drunken state,
But I think I’d have to say
It’s not helping me today

                                                       -Ward Hogg

Lay or Lie

Shall we lay
Five bricks a day?
In two days, then,
We’d have laid ten.
In three fifteen,
As would be seen,
Completely stacked
Upon mere fact.
Or shall we,
Just as easily,
Lie back, drink beer
Then pee pee?
                              -Rick Shaw


Poetry submissions to WordPlay2 are welcome.  Subject matter for poems must be limited to English usage or literature.  Vulgar language [as judged by our editors] is unacceptable.















































































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